Strange Super Powers

Unknown Powers


Unknown Powers

 Jamal said, “LET’S GO!” and they went at it. Jamal went straight for Kellen. He picked her up and was gone. Kiani was fighting with Aaron and Kareem with Lavar. They were punching and kicking each other, flying into things, demolishing the junkyard. Kiani took a quick glimpse around and didn’t see Kellen. She immediately touched Aaron and his shirt caught fire. Then she kicked him into a pile far away.

She said, “Khari end this NOW!”

He touched Lavar and poison started to flow up his arm. He dropped on the ground and crawled away towards Aaron.

“Where’s Chuckles and Jamal?” Kiani asked.

“I don’t know,” Kareem said as they looked around.


Strange Super Powers

The Hero's Within 

Later that evening they were upstairs, hanging out. Kellen is singing playing by the window. “Kiani”, she said with an alarming voice. There’s a man with a hood across the street looking up at me. Kiani and Kareem runs to the window to see who she’s talking about. By the time they got there he was gone. “Kellen stop playing.” Kareem said. “He was there I swear. Turn of the light. Watch! Kiani went to turn off the light and they stood by the window. The man reappeared staring up at the window. “See”, she whispered. “I told you!”
Hurry Kareem turn on the light. He ran to turn on the light and rushed back to the window. They were all standing in the window looking at the man looking up at them. He pointed to them in the window and walked back into the shadows. “He was staring at me for a long time. He would disappear then come back. I’m scared.” Kellen said hugging Kareem. don’t be scared Kiani said hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. Let’s go to bed.


Strange Super Powers

Ms. Harrison

As Ms. Harrison came to, she was blinking very slowly. Everything was still blurry but starting to come into focus. She steadied her breathing and focused on her surroundings like she was trained to do.  She realized she was tied to a chair in the basement. “How did I get here? Ok think Cheryl, think!”, she thought herself. Right then she heard a commotion upstairs. She became frighten when it became quiet. All of a sudden she could hear footsteps coming towards the basement door. Ms. Harrison began to stare at the door not knowing who to expect on the other side. As she began to breath heavily wondering how to save herself while being tied up. The door flew open!

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