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Letter from the Author

I wrote this book for many reasons.

One reason is to make my mother proud. She passed away of an asthma attack in 2004 and it was the worse day of my entire life. My life literally spun out of control. For the next 3 years, I was numb. It was mostly a blur. And I was making bad decisions. I lost the apartment we lived. I couldn't afford it but I refused to move because I felt like I was leaving her there. It took some time to realize she's always with me. She's in my heart and looking down on me and she was forever spiritually guiding me. Writing this book and becoming successful is a way I know she would be happy and proud of me.

Another reason reason was for my children. Even though we always had a roof over our heads and food on the table, it wasn't always easy providing that. I didn't have much support. If I didn't have it "WE" didn't have it. At times I had to borrow money from family and friends knowing it was a slim chance that I could give it back. I was always behind. I didn't care what I looked like as long as they had and looked decent. I made alot of sacrifices.

Right before my divorce, it was hard. Because I had to quit my job to make sure they got back and forth to school. I was in a dark place. I didn't have any juices flowing in me. I was facing evicting.  Knowing that we were almost living in the street was eating me alive. My lights had been turned off.  My water was turned off. Thank goodness that was in the summer. We had to boil water for a few weeks before I could get them back on.

But after some time, things shifted. My support grew. It's was a few family and friends that stood by me. One of my friends had a spare car and gave it to me so I could start doing gig jobs to make ends meet.  Another friend showed me how to change my mindset by explaining to me how to stay positive, always talk in the now, how to remove negative people and energy from my life, prayer and manifesting things is powerful and to always see things threw. With prayer and manifestion, what I wanted started to shift for the better.

Im all my children have. As I watch my children grow and their personalities shined threw, my imagination would run wild about them being super heros. So I wrote it down.  Small sentences turned into a story, a story turned into chapters, chapters turned into a book and this book turned into many.

I also want to give them something that will last a lifetime. The book is loosely based on them, its more of their personality. But, they can have something to look at over and over again. Plus, when they have a family, they can show it to their children and be proud. As a single mom with not much help, this will also be an opportunity to help me provide for my children while still being an at home mom.

But would I change anything? No. Im excited about this journey, this new chapter in my life. I'm sure it's going to have challenges but, I'm ready. God and the universe has prepared me for this.